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Thousand Faces is an indie folk rock band from Brooklyn, New York with influences ranging from Neil Young, Iron and Wine, Mumford & Sons, and Bon Iver. Their debut self-titled album was independently released this past November featuring the singles “Luminous” and “Shine.”


“I try to lace the delicate acoustics of my songs with vivid lyrics of my stories.  It's a balancing act that I hope listeners can relate to,” says songwriter and lead vocalist Evan McCulloch, the founding member of Thousand Faces.


Joining McCulloch are longtime friends Ryan Stokes and Brian Adler. Stokes plays lead and rhythm guitar and contributes back-up vocals; Adler lays down the drums and percussion. The trio have known each other for more than ten years and have experience in numerous music genres. The indie folk sound of Thousand Faces is the culmination of years spent grinding out rhythms and honing their musical style.


“McCulloch’s a writer with plenty to say and with the perfect voice to say it. His rich, emotionally open tones give added resonance to his songs and the musicians around him provide plenty of space for his words to come to life - and those words invariably take centre stage,” says a review of latest album from Leicester Bangs Blog based in the UK.


McCulloch’s career began on the West Coast where he studied guitar at Musicians’ Institute in California. A few years later he moved to the opposite coast to study jazz guitar at Purchase College, State University of New York. It was during his tenure at Purchase that McCulloch met up with Ryan Stokes. Stokes was studying jazz trumpet and the two became fast friends. Shortly after the graduating, McCulloch and Stokes started making rap and pop tracks for local artists. A few years later, the two landed a major label placement through Virgin Records. On the heels of that success, they landed a publishing deal with Royalty Network where they continue their songwriting endeavors.


Adler and McCulloch met at a jam session in California back in 1999 at the Sanford Jazz Workshop. Each was so inspired by each other’s talents that an immediate bond was created. The two shared an apartment in NYC for some time as the two played jazz gigs at venues throughout the city. Adler moved to Boston to study jazz drums at New England Conservatory, but reconnected McCulloch when he returned to NYC to take part in Thousand Faces as the drummer and percussionist.

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